Friday, August 20, 2010

Cedar Planked Salmon for a Crowd!

This is an old photo from the 4th of July, but I just downloaded it to my computer so I though I should throw it on here. Those are two, 10 lb. sides of fresh Northwest King salmon on cedar planks so big I had to buy them at Home Depot. We did one with a asian style soy based marinade and the other got a brown sugar & paprika rub with dill & lemon.

We fed this to a crowd of about 100, along with 12 chickens, 14 whole racks of BBQ ribs, a 10 lb. beef brisket, 5 gallons of sloppy joes, and a potluck of all kinds of sides & salads. I was barley able to put a plate together before it was all gone.

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