Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grilled Veal & Garden Goods

Baby Cow!
Silky smooth and tender as can be. Three ribeye chops and one t-bone. I marinaded these babies in a blend of olive oil and seasoning salts overnight, then put em on the grill. I used a cast iron griddle to sear them in butter for a nice crust, then transferred to direct flame to get some grill marks. We finished it with a dressing mix of olive oil, parsley, fresh garlic, lemon and black pepper. The meat sucks up all that goodness while it rests.

Carnage! Look how white this baby meat is, you'd think it was pork.

Potatoes grilled with olive tepanade.
This was an interesting recipe we tried for the first time out of an Argentinian cookbook I just picked up. I made a great olive tepanade with fresh kalamata olives and then topped these smashed potatoes with it before charring them on the cast iron pan. Basicaly you get this great combination of smoky charred spuds with the briny citrus flavor of the olives. It turned out great! The potatoes came from my dad's garden too.

Tomatoes & Cheese with Basil.
A nice assortment of various home-grown tomatoes chopped up with some fresh basil then toped with herbs and fresh hot chilies to give it some zip. A couple of balls of fresh Mozzarella since I think cheese is always a good addition to anything.

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