Saturday, September 25, 2010

Whole Smoked Prime Rib!

Roast Beast!
I tried my hand at whole Prime Rib for the first time the other night and it turned out awesome! We started it on the smoker for about 3 hours and then finished it in the oven for another 45 min. The wood smoke added so much great flavor to the beef it was incredible.

Quality Cuts!

The spread!
Tomato salad, pasta pesto salad, roasted potatoes, creamed cucumbers, and of course the meat.

Wrapped it up for the fridge to chill the day before.

I painted the beast with a paste of mustard, garlic, chili powder, and various pepper the day before so it could marinade and suck up all those flavors.

Yeah that's good Marbling!
I cut a couple steaks off the end for Dad and myself before I started the roast project.

20 lbs of USDA Prime Grade Moo-Cow Ribeye Roll!


  1. I can attest, this was a meal to remember. Wonderful results for a long and watchful process. The guy can cook! Hurray for us! Yum.

  2. We are extremely jealous! I wish we could have been in attendance, it looks and sounds like one for the books.

  3. Yo Emma, I'm stuck in Fargo w/ Curt. We are checking out your meat!

    Curt has an awesome Scallop recipe he'd like you to try and blog about. How does he send in recipes???

    Black Irish Rule